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Welcome to our Ancestry/Genealogy website. Melissa became interested in family lineages at an early age but turned into a true genealogist about 12 years ago. Our combined family database now contains over 32,000 individuals: some are related in a direct way to one of us, most are related in only a tangential way, and a few persons-of-interest match our DNA or are being researched to determine if they are really related. You can access the entire combined family database at Our tree is public, and is named "MCF and TLF Family Trees_2017". But you will need a subscription to Ancestry in order to access it, unless you contact us for an invitation. While we personally find it very difficult to wander through other people's trees on Ancestry, especially if we are looking for particular people, and while the same may be true of your experience, nonetheless, you are welcome there.

Melissa's ancestral surnames include Craven, Brook, Kitching, Gough, Manship, Lindal, Kirkham, Durden, Murray, Diven, Linn, Junkin, Gettys, and Ramsey , to name a few; and Tom's ancestral surnames include Fowler, Harrison, Parrish, Hearn, Brooks, Baughman, Eddy, Bartlett, and Comer, among many others. We readily admit that when we began this project, we vacuumed up other people's research or family trees from without too much discrimination. But later we went back to first principles and have been using the best "paper-trail" records we can, revising the data continuously. In the documents which we present on this web site, we are as clear as possible about which information is documented and which is "other people's data" (OPD) and not corroborated by our own research or public records. The documents are also continuously revised and on many, if not all, you will find the last-edit date in the lower right corner of each page.

All our efforts are on-going. If you find any errors in the info we present or would like to contribute, please contact us.

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